"wait until" or "repeat until" (with a wait) for modal dialog wait?

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>> You're right, the debugger doesn't like modal windows. It looks like you
>> actually don't have a problem :-)
>> My favorite kind of problem :)

On league review, it appears that I *do* have a problem:  what led to this
was coding around one of live codes brutal flaws, that the timeout cannot
be set on OS X (and linux? mobile?) for revOpenDatabase.

So when it *does* timeout, it probably means that the server has moved, or
something else.  The driving point of this exercise was to be able to offer
choices, including opening my preferences stack when database opening
failed.  Also to open the preferences stack before attempting to connect if
the option key is down on launch.

But a regular stack loses it's normal ability to close when opened modally
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