I wish ...

Paul Dupuis paul at researchware.com
Fri Jun 12 19:37:12 EDT 2015

On 6/12/2015 6:55 PM, Bob Sneidar wrote:
> I think you are missing the point Scott. He doesn’t want to do the math. :-)
> Bob S

Yes, I can write a behavior script to provide properties that are
relative coordinates with setprop and getProp handlers and assign the
behavior to every object in every scrolling group I ever create in every
application (or actually assigning the behavior to the template<objects>
and then create whatever buttons, fields, graphics, players, etc. etc.
in said groups).

However, I'd prefer if the development tool/language I was using did
more to handle UI management, and a "relative" keyword for coordinates
would help. I for one, an tired of writing resizeStack/resizeControl
handlers. I find writing UI code to be 40-50% of my time in every
application I do. Generally the algorithm and code to actually munge
whatever data the app is supposed to munge is done pretty quickly (20%),
with another 20-30% coding for every edge case, and weird combination of
actions human users might do to make the app as error proof as possible.

UI overhead is almost enough to make me go back and try the geometry
manager again. I know how to submit feature request and bug reports to
RunRev. However, among RunRev's lengthy list of stuff to do, they have
many more things that are actually a higher priority to me than easier
UI management - despite how much time it takes - so I have no intentions
of adding this to their list (at this time).

I was just expressing how nice it would be to have such a feature in the
(completely unlikely) case that some C programmer, familiar with the
LiveCode open source, with too much free time on their hands and nothing
better to do, might be inspired, and fork the source, add the "relative"
keyword and associated code, and submit it to RunRev for inclusion back
in the main build.


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