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>> I think I know the answer to this (“No."), but thought I’d ask. Is there any way to implement soft hyphens in a LiveCode field? What about zero-width spaces? I’m working on a project in LC 6.7, but will probably be moving it to 7.0 soon. I haven’t been able to get it to work in 6.7.

> Sorry for my stupidity: but what is a 'soft hyphen', and, by extension, what is a 'hard hyphen’?

Oh, sorry, a soft hyphen is a hyphen that is shown optionally. If a word with a soft hyphen embedded in it occurs close to the end of a line of text, the word may be broken at the soft hyphen and a hyphen will be shown. Anywhere else in the line of text, the word will be displayed normally, with no break or hyphen. The html entity for a soft hyphen is ­ or ­. I have tested this in LC, and the engine’s HTML rendering just ignores it.


A hard hyphen would be one that is typed by the person entering the text, and would be followed by a hard return—a return or cr constant in LiveCode parlance.


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