Save Image to mySQL and Retrieve Image?

Peter Haworth pete at
Mon Jun 8 18:44:55 EDT 2015

Hi John,

Couple of things.

In your call to revExecuteSQL, I think the variable name containing the
image data should be preceded by "*b".  I say I think because the
dictionary says to do that if it holds binary data but since you're base64
encoding it, I believe that results in only ASCII characters. Nevertheless,
you're putting it into a BLOB column ( I think) so maybe LC uses that as
its criteria rather than the actual contents of the variable, so:

revExecuteSQL tConID, tSQL,  "tDate", "tComment", "*btImage"

In your call to revDatabaseColumnNamed, timage needs to be in quotes:

get revDatabaseColumnNamed(tRecordSet, "image", "tImage")

Also, try checking the result after each call to makes sure no errors
occurred.  After the INSERT, it should contain 1 and after the
revDatabaseColumnNamed, it should be empty.

Also curious as to the reason for base64 encoding the data.  If you're
putting it into a BLOB column, it should accept binary data without a

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On Mon, Jun 8, 2015 at 3:10 PM, JOHN PATTEN <johnpatten at> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have a a mobile app that takes a photo and POSTs the base64Encoded image
> to an .lc server script that saves it to a mySQL field.
> set the vis of templateImage to false
>    mobilePickPhoto "camera"
>    put the last image into img "imageHold"
>    put the text of image "imageHold" into tPhotoData
>    put base64Encode(tPhotoData) into tPhotoData
>    set the cImageData of img "ImageHold" to tPhotoData
>    reset the templateImage
>    put urlEncode(cd fld "comments") into $Comments
>   put the cImageData of img "imageHold" into tImage
>   put "comments=" & $Comments & "&image=" & tImage into tArgList
>   post tArgList to URL "”
> The .lc script:
> <?lc
> put revOpenDatabase ("mysql”,"”,"servername_images”,"servername_images”,"password")
> into tConID
> put "images_data" into tTableName
> put $_POST["comments"] into tComment
> put the internet date into tDate
> put $_POST["image"] into tImage
> put "_date, comments, image" into tFields
> put "INSERT INTO" && tTableName && "(" & tFields & ") VALUES (:1, :2,
> :3);" into tSQL
> revExecuteSQL tConID, tSQL,  "tDate", "tComment", "tImage"
> revCloseDatabase tConID
> put empty
> ?>
> I can see that there is content in the fields in the table and BLOB field
> displays [BLOB - 64KiB]. So I’m assuming the image data is in the field.
> On the App I am queuing the db by record ID and trying to display the
> image from the DB.
>  put revOpenDatabase ("mysql","","server_images","server_images","password")
> into tConID
>    put revQueryDatabase(tConID, "SELECT * FROM images_data WHERE _id=" &
> field "db_id" & ";") into tRecordSet
>    get revDatabaseColumnNamed(tRecordSet, "image", tImage)
>    put base64Decode(tImage) into tImage
>    set the text of image "db_image" to tImage
>    RevCloseCursor tRecordSet
>    revCloseDatabase tConID
> The image turns into a gray fill? No image. I seem to remember this
> happening in the past but can’t remember the solution?
> Thank you!
> John Patten
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