Save Image to mySQL and Retrieve Image?

JOHN PATTEN johnpatten at
Mon Jun 8 18:10:09 EDT 2015

Hi All,

I have a a mobile app that takes a photo and POSTs the base64Encoded image to an .lc server script that saves it to a mySQL field.

set the vis of templateImage to false
   mobilePickPhoto "camera"
   put the last image into img "imageHold"
   put the text of image "imageHold" into tPhotoData
   put base64Encode(tPhotoData) into tPhotoData
   set the cImageData of img "ImageHold" to tPhotoData
   reset the templateImage
   put urlEncode(cd fld "comments") into $Comments
  put the cImageData of img "imageHold" into tImage
  put "comments=" & $Comments & "&image=" & tImage into tArgList
  post tArgList to URL "”

The .lc script:
put revOpenDatabase ("mysql”,"”,"servername_images”,"servername_images”,"password") into tConID
put "images_data" into tTableName

put $_POST["comments"] into tComment
put the internet date into tDate
put $_POST["image"] into tImage

put "_date, comments, image" into tFields

put "INSERT INTO" && tTableName && "(" & tFields & ") VALUES (:1, :2, :3);" into tSQL

revExecuteSQL tConID, tSQL,  "tDate", "tComment", "tImage"

revCloseDatabase tConID
put empty


I can see that there is content in the fields in the table and BLOB field displays [BLOB - 64KiB]. So I’m assuming the image data is in the field.

On the App I am queuing the db by record ID and trying to display the image from the DB.

 put revOpenDatabase ("mysql","","server_images","server_images","password") into tConID
   put revQueryDatabase(tConID, "SELECT * FROM images_data WHERE _id=" & field "db_id" & ";") into tRecordSet
   get revDatabaseColumnNamed(tRecordSet, "image", tImage)
   put base64Decode(tImage) into tImage
   set the text of image "db_image" to tImage
   RevCloseCursor tRecordSet
   revCloseDatabase tConID

The image turns into a gray fill? No image. I seem to remember this happening in the past but can’t remember the solution?

Thank you!

John Patten

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