[OT] What the *&^#$!#$ Just Happened - SPAM

dunbarx at aol.com dunbarx at aol.com
Mon Jun 8 12:00:03 EDT 2015

Where can I find these Russian women?


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Kay C Lan wrote:

 > I use this email account almost exclusively for this Use
List now;
 > so I haven't recently given it to anyone, company or whatever.

 > Up until yesterday I usually received 1 or 2 false SPAMS a day;
typically from Dunbarx's AOL account or some other legitamate Use
 > List user
with an AOL account.
 > Up until yesterday I usually receved a single
actual SPAM every
 > couple of months.
 > Today I accessed this account
and I had over 50!!! That's more than
 > the TOTAL email SPAM I've ever
received on this account.

This is a public list where the archives are

resource publicly available is easily spiderable.

I think all you're seeing
is what seems to me a recent uptick in the 
aggressiveness of certain
spammer-controlled botnets.  I've been seeing 
a lot more spam myself lately,
mostly for junk stock tips and bots 
claiming to be Russian women who want to
marry an American.

There is no cure.  Spam consumes so much of our Internet
that an 
estimated 5-10% of legitimate email never arrives at its destination

because all systems are bogged down trying to stay on top of spam.

still has about 90% of the computing market, and most botnets 
are run on
unsuspecting end-users' machines.  The rest are often 
installed on Web servers
that didn't stay on top of the updates for 
their CMS frameworks.  When we
combine millions of compromised servers 
with tens of millions of compromised
desktop machines, the botnets can 
only win.

Sorry, don't have a "glass half
full" for this one.

  Richard Gaskin
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