LiveCode 8 - Extension/Widget Developer ID

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Mon Jun 8 01:21:51 EDT 2015

OK, got a bit of a breather at work so thought I might sit back, relax and
give LC8 a spin. So ended up at this tutorial:

Which mentions the need to sign up for a free Developer ID. So logged into
my account, entered an ID and then clicked the Submit button but nothing
happened. So I thought maybe I had to sign the 'Contributors Agreement'
first, so I did that - no problem. Went back and tried to submit and ID but
still nothing.

I thought maybe it sent an email confirming my Developer ID, but when I
checked here what I discovered was an enormous amount of SPAM (See another

I thought if the ID I selected was already taken (lankc) it would tell me.

So, should I bother Heather or is there something silly I'm overlooking.

Thanks in advance.

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