Livecode Server on Digital Ocean

Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Sun Jun 7 15:04:59 EDT 2015

I just got it running on a droplet.
I chose lamp 14.04 (ubuntu) so that I didn't have to mess with setting up
apache and all by hand.
After droplet creation, I logged into the console with the browser based
vnc and used wget to grab the 64bit version of lc server 7.0.4
apt-get install unzip
so that I could unzip the file

unzip <lc server filename>
to expand the contents.

chmod 755 livecode-community-server
to make it executable

mv livecode-community-server /usr/lib/cgi-bin
mv externals /usr/lib/cgi-bin
mv drivers /usr/lib/cgi-bin
to move the files to the correct location (I could hvae unzipped them there)

a2enmod actions
a2enmod cgi
to enabled the actions and cgi mods

Then the following..
cd /etc/apache2/sites-enabled
nano 000-default.conf

in the editor I added the 2 required lines as follows right before the end
</virtualhost> line
Action lc-script /cgi-bin/livecode-community-server
AddHandler lc-script .lc

I did NOT uncomment the line that says to include the serve-cgi-bin.conf

ctrl-x yes to save, enter to keep the file name (make sure you don't change

service apache2 restart

You may get a message on restart about not being able to reliably determine
the servers domain name, depending on how things are currently set up.

After restart, I created a simple file /var/www/html/
and put in it
put random(542545)
Then I went to the droplets ip.. and voila' it works.

On Sun, Jun 7, 2015 at 10:52 AM, David Bovill <david at> wrote:

> Anyone got any experience of running LiveCode server on Digital Ocean? I'd
> love to get one up and running - happy to share / record a tutorial on
> HowTo do this so others can benefit.
> Longer term aim is to create a Docker container for Livecode to make this
> real simple for people?
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