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Sun Jun 7 06:51:43 EDT 2015

Hi Richard,

I would be deeply interested in your stack!

We have an inherited stack here that is to undergo refactoring in the near
future and a basic 'complexity metric' would be incredibly useful.

Please ping me off-list.

Best regards,

Hugh Senior

Richard wrote:

 For many years a lot of new work I was doing started with inheriting 
code bases written by others, so it became useful to have a tool that 
could give me an overview of some aspects of the code base by performing 
static analysis of the scripts.

Here's that thrown-together result:

Going forward, as time permits I'll be expanding that to include a much 
more useful presentation with more info, but this primitive early form 
is noteworthy here if only because it uses very old and sloppy 
techniques that I know can be made much faster.

And that sloppy version takes about 1 second to run on the 13 KLOC code 
base shown.

For the info it provides, well worth the onerous wait. :)

I see many good static code base analysis tools for other languages, and 
there's no reason we can't have lots of them for LC too.

I haven't seen a language with a built-in function for finding orphaned 
handlers across a code base, but Terence if you can point me to one I'll 
see if I can include that in this LC PM toolkit.

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Systems
  Software Design and Development for the Desktop, Mobile, and the Web

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