LiveCode 8 and a new video player?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Jun 6 12:10:29 EDT 2015

Kay C Lan wrote:

> This is probably thread drift but video playback is so 20th century.
> I had an old acquaintance pass through town and we caught up. He's
> working for a start up that's doing something similar to Google
> Glass. He had a demo unit to show me. The googles worked with any
> users phone (or iPod touch) but of course it was the software that
> was on show.

[wonderfully enthusiastic things omitted here only for brevity]

> Now I'm not suggesting that LiveCode needs to be at the forefront
> of 3D multimedia and AR;

Why not?

Xojo's doing some of that:

> there is no way the next 3D Grand Theft Auto will be written in LC;
> this is the territory of dedicated game houses.

Why not?

Games are far too complex these days to write in C++ alone. Scripting is 
a powerful way to glue lower-level routines together.  Many of the big 
game engines include scripting languages - here's GTA's:

> In the 21st Century I see AR as being huge.


> I don't know what technology is required to make it work, even on
> the most basic level, but whatever it is, LC needs to jump aboard.
> I hope someone is going to tell me, 'oh we could already do that...
> if only startTime worked' ;-)

It will likely also require currentTime. :)

Kay, you always contribute good things to this list, but that post was 
especially good.

With LiveCode Builder on the horizon as The Ultimate Glue Language, 
there really is no end to what we can do.

What is the state of Franklin 3D?  Are there other toolkits to consider 
writing wrappers for?

And a more specific question: in the video you linked to, how does the 
app know the angle of the table the book is resting on?  Does the book 
have two RFIDs for triangulation, or does it calculate solely from what 
it knows about the images on each page, or something else?

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