arrays with merge

Terence Heaford t.heaford at
Fri Jun 5 05:26:52 EDT 2015

Interestingly it works without quotes around test.

It does work but should it?

This suggests the only reason for quotes in array keys is in case you have a two word key?

put merge("SELECT [[tColumns]] FROM '[[tTable]]' [[myArray[test]]] [[tSortOrder]]") into tSQL

All the best


> On 5 Jun 2015, at 10:13, Ali Lloyd <ali at> wrote:
> put merge("SELECT [[tColumns]] FROM '[[tTable]]' [[myArray["test"]]]
> [[tSortOrder]]") into tSQL
> doesn't work is  the double quote around "test". Merge should work fine
> with arrays (I should know because bug 11274 was one of the first I ever
> fixed!)
> You can either use & and quote to build the correct string

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