LiveCode 8 and a new video player?

Mark Talluto userev at
Thu Jun 4 19:38:21 EDT 2015

On Jun 4, 2015, at 1:37 PM, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:

> Already sold: RunRev is committed to delivering a player object for all supported platforms.
Are you under the impression that they are not going to use native hooks for each platform for video playback?
Eg: AVFoundation for Mac, WMP for Win, [fill in standard framework] for Linux.  Are they not going to make a public facing API that deals with connecting devs to the same features across platforms where possible.

> As I said, I'm not sure of the specifics of their plan for Linux, so it would be helpful to learn more about which library/framework they intend to use.  Good ones are available under LGPL.
Will this licensing be compatible with the commercial version of LiveCode as well?
> Many such frameworks integrate well with D-bus' MPRIS (Media Player Remote Interfacing Specification), the common interprocess messaging subsystem installed on most modern distros:
> <>
The features seem pretty complete. I did not see any transformations like mirroring video. This is something we need.

> To address your broader concern about the perceived difficulty of running multimedia in Linux, all I can say is try it and you'll see for yourself how far Linux has come today.
If the user has to download a 3rd party player, I would not qualify this as out of the box ready. For some markets, that is ok. For others, it can be very expensive to tech support.

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