LiveCode 8 and a new video player?

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Thu Jun 4 15:27:02 EDT 2015

On 04/06/15 21:39, Mark Talluto wrote:
> On Jun 4, 2015, at 11:07 AM, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:
>> In fact, if I had basic playback with startTime for Windows and Linux as we have for OS X, I'd never need that fancy widget at all.
> It seems to me that Apple Devs were simply lucky with this one. When LiveCode was forced to move to Cocoa, AVFoundation came with, almost for free. We develop primarily for Mac/Win and need feature parity on both platforms. I can very much appreciate the need to bring Linux up to speed.
> Native playback on all platforms would be fantastic. My guess is that Mac and Win are going to be easier due to both OS having the blocks to play with. Linux on the other hand, to its benefit and detriment, does not have this for media. My last look at all of this left me very uncomfortable with how a solution for Linux will come about. MPlayer looked good, but licensing issues seemed to plague it. Which media layer can LiveCode rely on for Linux? Will the layer be installed by default on all Linux boxes?

Isn't that rather like expecting Quicktime to be installed on all 
Windows and Mac boxes?

The Linux world being what it is, a bit like Hercules' Hydra without the 
poison, is going to make any Video-Player based on something that lies 
outwith the LiveCode engine itself a tough call.

It is also very hard indeed to see how RunRev will be able to claim that 
any video-player and its commands and functionality is truly
cross-platform if it isn't some internal feature of the engine.

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