LiveCode 8 and a new video player?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Wed Jun 3 05:18:55 EDT 2015

One of the extended goals of the LiveCode crowdfunding was to replace
Quicktime by a new cross-platform video player.

Last time I have asked, I was told that it should come with LC 8.


The Quicktime installer is the hardest pain in customer issues for me. Since
6 years I have from time to time customers on Windows, where LiveCode
doesn't finds the old QT API. Each time it drives me and my customers crazy,
they have to install QT up to 10 times, until LC accepts it and sometimes I
have customers, who never succeed to get QT and LC to run and have to return
my product. Yes I have tried to install "as admin", without AntiVir, to
install it "over" or deinstall the previos QT first, to install different QT
versions, etc, but have never found the reason, why it fails at some
customers up to today.

So a modern, crossplattform video player, which "just works" would be a real


Has anybody heard anything about it in the roadmap of LC 8? Will it come
with 8?

Perhaps one of the listening LC guys or Richard?





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