Standalone Build Problem

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Jun 2 20:03:08 EDT 2015

Bob Sneidar wrote:
 > The problem is, then the mainStack cannot be modified, and it needs
 > to be. I set properties in the mainStack. I have settings cards in
 > the mainStack. And besides, I want to eventually have a cool splash
 > screen with a custom shape. It’s called Forms Generator, and I
 > envisioned a generator or maybe something like a grinder with large
 > PDF, Word and Excel icons coming out of it.

A standalone must have a stack attached to it, but it need not be visible.

Your standalone can set its own mainstack's visibility to false when it 
opens, and then open your savable stack file.

I almost never put an about box in my standalones, since I change those 
as often as I change anything else.

Most of my standalones contain only a warning window letting the user 
know that the app couldn't find resources it needs to run (that is, the 
various other stacks I use outside the standalone).  Unless something 
goes horribly wrong the user never sees that window.

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