Standalone Build Problem

Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Tue Jun 2 18:12:43 EDT 2015

yeah that will work and let you set your individual stacks to work as subs
of the splash, but it pretty much boils down to what you want to
accomplish.  A splash, and separate stacks that you can save individually?
If this is the goal, then you can choose the option to save substacks to
separate stack files on build (as someone else mentioned) but you'll have
to be careful in how you reference them in your scripts, because they will
no longer be substacks of the splashstack after build. They'll each be
mainstacks in their own right.

I think the bonus to doing it the way you're stating is that the automatic
inclusions should (I think) just work, including the datagrid.  The
question here is whether breaking out the stacks and rearranging them will
break your already set up datagrids due to moving the datagrid substack
from the old mainstack to the new splashstack.  And then the NEXT question
(I've never tried it) is whether the datagrid will still work even with the
proper inclusions having been found.

If you just want to shove all the stacks together into one monolithic
build, with no external stack files, you might need to tweak some of your
scripts depending on how you currently reference stacks and controls, but
it shouldn't be too difficult. My question again being.. How will this
affect an existing datagrid when the stack structure is revamped?
Datagrids seem eminently breakable.

If you want a splashstack that loads your current stack and its substacks,
it isn't difficult to get things working usually.  No structure changes,
the hard part is making sure all the correct stuff is included, and the
datagrid stub trick works well.

Mind if I ask what platform you're building for?  Somewhere along the line
there was a version of LC that donked things when building, but i'm having
trouble remembering which version, and for what platform.  If you're having
trouble getting things to work after build, maybe knowing the target
platform will help me find the information again.

On Tue, Jun 2, 2015 at 3:47 PM, Bob Sneidar <bobsneidar at>

> Hi Mike.
> I was thinking about how to proceed, and I realize that what I need to do
> is have both stacks open, then set the mainstack of each of what are now
> substacks of my app stack, to the splash stack, then set the mainstack of
> my primary app stack to the splash stack.
> Bob S
> On Jun 2, 2015, at 11:16 , Mike Bonner <bonnmike at<mailto:
> bonnmike at>> wrote:
> I'm wondering when and how you are choosing to launch your stack?  Maybe
> the request to go to the stack occurs before everything is done loading
> with the splash stack?
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