need help with filter and regex

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Tue Jun 2 11:19:25 EDT 2015



in the course of the massiv LC 7 problem with sort international (which is
approved by Runrev) I am looking for a workaround for my repeat selection
and sorting with filter, as Richard H. advised.


I don't have much experience with filter, beside of some easy filters nor
regex. Today I am selecting records from an array with multiple selections
in a repeat loop. If a combine this array to do a filter on it, it looks
like this:

Key;string1;string2;number1;number2;string3; etc.

Today I am selecting like: if string1 contains/begins with searchitem and
number2 is/is not x then

1.       I don't understand whats the difference between filter with /
filter matching

2.       As far as I see, I don't get here far with a standard filter and
probably would need a regex to specify in which item of my line I want to do
the selection. Perhaps with the number of semicolons?

Any initial help with a regex filter on this issue is appreciated.







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