How do you handle the poor performance of LC 7?

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Mon Jun 1 06:35:17 EDT 2015

Just to echo these remarks: I too have been using LC7 for ages and am confident that the product I’m working on (desktop, cross-platform Windows and Mac) will work fine as it’s been tweaked many times (lots of IDE use) and can now be seen to be 99% working in the real world. I have had no particular problems for months, although naturally I have found (and reported) a few bugs.

I also echo the sentiment about LC8. It turns out (perhaps just in my mind) to be a bit of a struggle to come to terms with it, so I haven’t started yet. But I can see the advantages of the whole structural idea behind widgets, so I hope in a fairly short time I too will make the jump.

Just my two eurocents.


> On 1 Jun 2015, at 11:06, Dave Kilroy <dave at> wrote:
> Similar to Alex I too have been using v7 for everything I do (except for a
> couple of projects) since about 7.0.3 - and in general have been doing so
> without problems.
> I say 'in general' because v7 seems to be more fragile than earlier versions
> because sometimes when I hit an error in my code the IDE becomes sluggish
> afterwards (when this happens I quit and restart LiveCode and everything is
> fine) - but apart from that I can't remember the last time the IDE
> crashed/froze on me. It starts very quick on my systems (Yosemite & Win7) -
> but not quite as quick as older versions...
> However I have seen other people using v7 experiencing slow-startup and
> fairly regular freezes/crashes (for example I was doing a LC workshop at the
> weekend and two people running windows experienced freezes/crashes every 30
> minutes or so - but both did successfully create an app and got everything
> to work). But other times I've seen it work fine on people's systems...
> In fact I'm also thinking of using LC8 full-time. LCB looks good and I 'get'
> that it will be used to leap-frog some of LC's current woes - but I simply
> haven't had time to play with it yet and think the only time I'll learn is
> if I'm using it day-in-day-out. I'm thinking v8 is basically v7 with LCB and
> widgets added and if this is so then I think I'll make the jump. Trevor,
> Richard do you have any views on this?
> Richard Gaskin wrote
>> Alex Tweedly wrote:
>>> I too have used only v7 for everything I've done recently for myself (no
>>> released products - just stuff I do for myself and friends/family). I've
>>> been still using v6 when I don't control it all myself.
>>> I'm happy to say I've had no crashes, no serious IDE problems and few
>>> performance issues (which were all already reported or known).
>> Good to hear.  At least Trevor and I aren't alone.
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