[ANN] R.I.P. Mac Mini

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 06:29:26 EST 2015

On 19/02/15 03:31, Bob Warren wrote:
> A few days back I finished doing a few minor corrections to my Unicode 
> "File/Folder/Picture Choosers" for Windows and Linux, and declared 
> them "stable". If you download them, please test them well before 
> distributing them in any way, to make absolutely sure they are as 
> "stable" as I think they are.
> I then had an idea. I had had a first-generation Mac Mini sitting in 
> the corner of my computer room for a long time, and I hadn't done much 
> with it. (One reason is that it had a broken DVD drive.) It occurred 
> to me that since the Mac file system is not so different to that of 
> Linux, it might not be too difficult to produce some chooser widgets 
> for Mac as well. Of course, they would need to be "legacy" (English 
> only) widgets, because the machine had OS X Tiger 10.4 that was not 
> supported by LiveCode/Unicode. So I had a bash at it. I rolled the 
> Linux and Windows widgets together, and soon came up with a new set of 
> MAC chooser widgets that had reached what I might fairly call the 
> "beta" stage. However, the very day after, my Mini started going a bit 
> crazy, and like a drip I didn't realize immediately that the cooling 
> system had failed and that it was overheating. The end result is that 
> now I have a "fried" Mac Mini. I do not intend to buy another one. In 
> Brazil (my country of residence), Macs are impossibly expensive. If I 
> replaced my simple Mini with an equivalent modern one, it would cost 
> me $1,500 (which you might find difficult to believe). You now know 
> why Macs are extremely rare in Brazil!
> Luckily, I had not only finished the programs, I had taken a few 
> screenshots. I was therefore able to put the widgets up at my site:
> http://www.howsoft.com/runrev/runrev_stacks_index.htm
> http://www.howsoft.com/runrev/macchoosers/
> http://www.howsoft.com/runrev/downloads/
> Under the circumstances (of my now being "Macless"), I'd be grateful 
> if any of you could tell me:
> a) whether these widgets work on a "real" MAC;
> b) whether they are stable enough for usage in your opinion;
> b) whether they detect DVD drives correctly as well as other USB 
> devices such as pendrives and external HDs.
> Thanks!
> Regards to all.

Well; I'll try them on my PPC G5 running both 10.4 and 10.5

as to "Real" Macs (by 'real' I assume to mean 'reasonably comtemporary) 
I will try them on my
'unreal' 10.8 (VMware) . . .

I will, also, just to be bloody-minded, see how they behave on my Linux 
box :)


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