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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sun Feb 15 13:37:13 EST 2015

Peter Haworth wrote:

 > When I select Open from the Textedit File menu, I see a dropdown menu
 > of encodings to be used when I select a file.
 > Is there a way to have that menu appear with the LC answer file
 > dialog?

This isn't a filter option, but merely a way for the user to provide 
additional info to the app when selecting a file (because of course 
users fully understand text encodings and can provide helpful info there 

I haven't played with Mac APIs since the ol' Inside Mac days, but back 
then you could get a handle to the standard GetFile dialog and populate 
the lower portion of it with any additional controls you like.

My guess would be that this particular addition isn't a single API call 
call, but a custom enhancement using some Cocoa method similar to the 
old Dialog Manager routines.

As such, this seems like a good job for LiveCode 8, in which we'll be 
able to directly access OS APIs for this sort of thing.

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