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It is indeed the cache. I spent an entire day trying to figure this one out.  I finally found that if there is any reference to that filename in any image container anywhere in your code the cache will not release it. 

Also changing the image file and reloading it will not clear it from cache either as the file was never deleted. 

What worked for me was to delete the original image file. The I put the word "junk" into the filename of every occurrence of that image container. Did a wait of 5 milliseconds then loaded any modified copy of the original and it worked. 

I had a scratch stack that I occasionally placed substances in for various reasons. I found that one of them had an image container that had my image filename in it and it was the reason the cache wasn't releasing the file. Had forgotten it was even there. It is never called or opened but the cache new it was there. 

Hope this helps point you in a direction that helps. 

Rich Maring 

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Subject: Filename of an image 

If I set the filename of an image, it correctly loads that file into the

Say I then change the contents of the file - if I set the filename of the
image again, the original file contents remain in the image, presumably
because of some caching effect.

Is there a way to force the image to be reloaded from the file?  I tried
setting the filename to empty but that gave me an error (in the message
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