More Unicode STuff

Peter Haworth pete at
Thu Feb 12 17:19:43 EST 2015

Continuing down the path of making SQLiteAdmin unicode compliant.

I just took a file with French characters in Mac OS Roman format and and
used SQLiteAdmin to import it into an SQLIte database set up for UTF8
encoding.  The import procedure did no decoding or encoding just read the
file and used INSERT statements to put the data into the database.

Next I used SQLIteAdmin's Browse feature to browse the data, once again
with no encoding/decoding.  It all displayed correctly including accented

So now I'm confused as to just when I need to encode/decode things for use
with SQLite.

My suspicion with this example is that it all worked fine because it was
all done on a Mac and that if I had imported the data on a Mac and then
tried to read it on a Windows or Linux box, the accented characters would
not have survived.

My secondary suspicion is that if I had converted to UTF8 when Importing
the data and converted from UTF8 when displaying the data, all would work
fine on any platform.

This is all complicated by the fact that SQLiteAdmin will happily accept
data in any encoding and store it away without doing any translation to its
native encoding of UTF8 or UTF16.


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