Is "backups" a reserved word for LC server ?

Lyn Teyla lyn.teyla at
Tue Dec 29 16:26:40 EST 2015

jbv wrote:

> I have tried various permissions, especially 755 and 777.
> The result and the syserror return exactly the same values, no matter
> is the file is written or not :
> the result is empty
> the syserror returns 2

Look for any previous lines and utilized handlers where you might have changed the "defaultFolder", and make sure to change it back to its previous value immediately afterwards (make it a habit), like so:


put the defaultFolder into tSavedDefaultFolder
set the defaultFolder to "/some/new/path"
-- do stuff here that requires new path
set the defaultFolder to tSavedDefaultFolder
-- other stuff
-- do your writing to "irev/backups" here



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