[OT] files that have strange suffixation

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Sun Dec 27 10:36:10 EST 2015


> Am 27.12.2015 um 16:22 schrieb Richmond <richmondmathewson at gmail.com>:
> One of my employees is in the sh*t as she has been running a computer with Windows XP and
> NO virus protection, and NOT backing up her files; so ALL the photos of her kids over the last 8 years have
> "gone down the tubes".
> Having hooked her hard drive up to my Linux box I can see that all her JPG files have had ".xtxxxdn" attached to the
> end of their names
Are the jpeg file okay and only their names end with xtxxxdn?

> (NO, removing '.xtxxxdn' is insufficient), and likewise with DOC files.
What does that mean? Is it not possible? 

Did you try to move the ipegs to an usb stick for example and tried to remove the suffix under Mac OS X or Linux?

> I can find no reference to '.xtxxxdn' on the internet and wonder if anyone on the Use-List can help me, as one small
> family would have a much happier Christmas if I could get all their family photos back.

You could try if the free Norton Rescue tools still run under XP.


> Richmond.

I keep my fingers crossed.


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