[OT] files that have strange suffixation

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sun Dec 27 10:22:34 EST 2015

One of my employees is in the sh*t as she has been running a computer 
with Windows XP and
NO virus protection, and NOT backing up her files; so ALL the photos of 
her kids over the last 8 years have
"gone down the tubes".

Having hooked her hard drive up to my Linux box I can see that all her 
JPG files have had ".xtxxxdn" attached to the
end of their names (NO, removing '.xtxxxdn' is insufficient), and 
likewise with DOC files.

I can find no reference to '.xtxxxdn' on the internet and wonder if 
anyone on the Use-List can help me, as one small
family would have a much happier Christmas if I could get all their 
family photos back.


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