More questions regarding Server oddities

Alex Tweedly alex at
Fri Dec 25 14:13:34 EST 2015

Mike (and Lyn),

I think you both missed the point about Tim's original problem :
    his page works with the OLD rev Server, and fails with the latest LC 
server (6.6.2)

So while I agree that it is probably better to not pursue issues in old 
versions, I don't think Tim has much choice, unless someone can come up 
with some suggestions on the original issue. Unfortunately the original 

have been modified, so the problem is not so obvious. However it can 
still be seen - they do both have a 'title' directive which demonstrates 
the problem - the .irev shows (for me) decent looking (AFAIK :-) 
Japanese characters, while the .lc one doesn't.

Note that both have the same
<meta http-equiv="Content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> so 
the problem is not related to the charset set in HTML, it's a problem 
with the characters which are being generated.

Tim - could you maybe post the text of the script(s) so we can play with 
them independently.

-- Alex.

On 25/12/2015 14:17, Mike Bonner wrote:
> Not sure why it stopped working, but you might try hitting the file
> directly.
> put URL "binfile:ynh5list_UTF8.txt <>
> "
> (Lyn Teyla just sent the same thought..)
> Also, the extension you use with onrev chooses which version of the server
> you are hitting.  I'm wondering if something is going on with the older
> revserver on your onrev server.  (you might try grabbing a file from
> somewhere else, that is NOT your csv file and see if it works, or if all
> URL "http://" requests are broken for you.)
> You also might consider using the most recent version of rev.  Using the
> extension .lc instead will do so.  If it works with your .irev file copied
> to an .lc file, then you can use a custom .htaccess file to get your .irev
> to use the newest version too.  There was a discussion about how to do this
> not too long ago on this list.
> On Fri, Dec 25, 2015 at 6:27 AM, Tim Selander <selander at>
> wrote:
>> I'm continuing to work on a .irev web page, with varying success.
>> On-Rev account, server sage,
>> software:/usr/local/cpanel/cgi-sys/ireviam-engine  according to the tip
>> Alex gave me earlier.
>> Brief description of page's function:
>> 1) Load static .csv file from web server into a variable. This is a list
>> of radio programs, the data is simply 3 items: Broadcast date, Program
>> Title and Host.
>> 2) Get today's date from the server.
>> 3) Using the date, find today's program in variable vlist, show the
>> broadcast date, the program Title, the Host.
>> 4) Again using the date, fetch the appropriate mp3 filename from our web
>> server and plug it into the audio tag's src.
>> Extremely simple, no css or formatting of any kind. Just trying to get the
>> three items of data on the screen and load the audio player with the
>> correct mp3.
>> Was working great, and I was plugging in test dates...
>> When suddenly it stopped reading in the csv file. The command is: put URL "
>>" into vlist
>> Instead of the data, vlist contains the html 404 page not found error.
>> But the file is there.
>> Copy and paste the url into the browser, and the text loads up. The csv
>> file is in the very same directory as the .irev file (
>> Both are in the root of the
>> public_html folder. But the {put URL "
>>" into vlist} command returns a
>> 404 error.
>> Moved the csv file to two other web servers, On-Rev's deisel, and a
>> Japanese web host I use.
>> put URL.... etc. using the Japanese web host also fails. (could not
>> connect to server)
>> put URL.... etc. using deisel DOES WORK.
>> Thought maybe Safari was acting up, so tried Chrome and Firefox. Same
>> problem.
>> I'm puzzled.
>> Suddently, "Put URL..." can't find the file, but the browser can.
>> (For what it's worth, also tried "Get URL...." with same results.
>> Not related to browser software
>> Non- on-rev web server fails
>> Sage on-rev server fails
>> Deisel on-rev server succeeds (for now?)
>> Could this be some kind of latency problem? Is some kind of 'wait' period
>> needed?
>> Long time HC scripter, not a professional programmer....
>> Any tips appreciated.
>> Tim Selander
>> Tokyo, Japan
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