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Lyn Teyla lyn.teyla at
Fri Dec 25 09:10:19 EST 2015

Tim Selander wrote:

> Copy and paste the url into the browser, and the text loads up. The csv file is in the very same directory as the .irev file ( Both are in the root of the public_html folder. But the {put URL "" into vlist} command returns a 404 error.

Since the CSV file resides on the same server, there’s no need to use "put url" with a HTTP URL.

Well, you *could* if you really wanted to, but then you’d be introducing unnecessary (albeit brief) wait time into the mix since it would to transmit the data over the HTTP network protocol.

Instead, simply read from the file locally using:

put url "binfile:ynh5list_UTF8.txt" into vlist

That said, using a HTTP URL, if you really wanted to, should still work, as mentioned above.

However, keep in mind that LiveCode Server (and its older cousin revServer) have had various bugs and other issues with performing network operations using "put url" before.

These have been largely resolved, so they should work fine if you use the latest versions of LiveCode Server.

You mentioned using revServer (which could be as old as version 3.5 on On-Rev’s servers!) and LiveCode 6.6.2, both of which are much older than 7.1.1.

There’s often not much point in trying to debug issues whilst running an older version of LiveCode. Always perform the same tests with the latest version to eliminate the possibility of an issue being caused by a bug in an older version.

Try 7.1.1, which is currently the highest version that’s labeled "stable". It can be downloaded at:

Hope this helps!


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