Release 8.0 dictionary

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Wed Dec 23 05:25:17 EST 2015

On 22/12/15 23:29, panagiotis merakos wrote:
> Hi Richmond,
>>>>>> I created a blank stack with a bog-normal button and tried to see the
> scriptEditor via the
> menuBar, and got a jolly wheel that goes round and round and round, you are
> feeling
> sleepy, you think you are a purple banana . . .
> Same again via the contextual menu . . .<<<<<<<<
> Please try twice. It needs two attempts to open the script editor in DP12.
> Reported under bug 16641:
> Best,
> Panos
> --

Well, my second attempt was more baroque than that:

created a stack with a button and attempted to open the scriptEditor via 
the contextual menu
and got the jolly white wheel

I then (while the jolly white wheel was doing its damnedest to hypnotise 
me), clicked on
"Object script" in the menuBar, and I got the scriptEditor.


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