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> On 12/22/2015 11:56 AM, Peter Haworth wrote:
> I remember the Pink Variables back in the day.  They once opened for the
>> Blue Meanies.
> I believe that may have been Pink Noise.
> Pink Noise are to split up again, according to their manager, Max Height.
They've been in the business now ten years, nine as other groups.
Originally White Noise, they became for a while, Noise, then Just Noise,
then Just Background Noise, and finally, Background Colour. Splitting up
for nearly a month, they re-formed as Screen Colour, which became Screen
Name, Screen Type, then Fullscreen for a while, before becoming Lockscreen
and finally Dead Screen, which reflected the current state of the group.
Splitting again, they combined a fortnight later as Split Again, a tight
little name which lasted them through a difficult period when their pet
mouse was suspected of suffering from death. It turned out to be only a
rumour and they became Dead Mouse, then Live Mouse, which lead to Mouse Up,
an unpopular name so they changed to Mouse Down, and the inevitable split.
After nearly ten days, they reformed again as Mouse Click, then Mouse
Enter, Mouse Leave, Mouse Line, Linefeed, Line Offset, Word Offset,
Password, Pass Out, Strikeout, Focus Out, Focus Colour, Colour Pink and
Kevin Miller. This last name, their favourite, had to be dropped following
an injunction and they split again. When they combined after a record
breaking two days, they ditched the LiveCode references and became Pink
Noise, a name which they stuck with for the rest of their careers. Now, a
fortnight later, they've finally split.

Apologies to Monty Python

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