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Sat Dec 19 10:04:40 EST 2015

Not sure where to post this, but I’ve been experiencing a very strange issue with LC 7 and after some testing with LC8, it seems to have gotten even worse…

It only happens in the IDE on my Mac, not in standalones.
It happens in 10.11.2, but it was there in the previous versions as well, can’t remember when it started.

The issue is that when I use the Open menu to manually open a stack, it takes almost a minute before the open dialog shows.
Also when I use the Open, the Answer or the Ask command it takes between 50 and 70 seconds to show the dialog.
But only the first time after I restart LiveCode, every next time I try to do this, it works as normal.
And it is not LiveCode that is non-responsive, the whole system hangs, that’s why i can tell how long it taken, because even the clock in my menubar is frozen…

During some tests with LC8, it takes anywhere from 2 to 2:30 minutes, so it is getting worse.

I already removes everything from LiveCode, but no difference.

Anybody a suggestion maybe?

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