Happy Christmas! Also, FOSDEM 2016.

Peter TB Brett peter.brett at livecode.com
Fri Dec 18 11:46:53 EST 2015

Hey all,

Most of the core development team here at LiveCode Ltd. are off for our 
Christmas holidays from today.  We wish you all the best for the 
Christmas break, and we're looking forward to more LiveCode fun in 2016!

Normal code-wrangling activities will resume on Tuesday 5th January 
2016.  However, if all goes to plan, you should receive the Christmas 
gift of an 8.0.0-dp-12 build early next week!

Thank you so much for the feedback on the release notes.  I've taken all 
of the responses I've received and rolled them into a new release notes 
format for 8.0.0-dp-12.  (I'm afraid they're still PDF-only; HTML notes 
are still to come).


As I've previously mentioned, I'll be at FOSDEM 2016 in Brussels on 
29th-31st January 2016, and I'd be really keen to meet up with any 
European LiveCoders who can come along!  If there's enough interest, I 
will organise a social event for the evening of 30th January.  Please 
let me know if you're interested ASAP.


Dr Peter Brett <peter.brett at livecode.com>
LiveCode Open Source Team

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