SQLite conundrum

James Hale james at thehales.id.au
Tue Dec 15 10:26:14 EST 2015

I have an array of text values (actually book chapters) that I am adding to a database.
The text is a mixture of alphabetic and numerals.
For some of it I have line numbers at the beginning of each paragraph.
....blah blah</p><p>1. Blah blah more blah.</p><p>2. Some more blah....

After I insert this text into my database the line numbers have been deleted.
If I look at the db record I see...
....blah blah</p><p>Blah blah more blah.</p><p>Some more blah....

Yet other numbers contained within the text are still present.

If I examine the SQL values I pass to the INSERT statement the numbers are still present.
 In the text.
They just don't appear in the db!

I thought it might be a general thing  such as a number followed by a period is rejected, but I also create some FTS tables which have entries for each of these lines. In this case it is without the HTML tags but each line (corresponding to a paragraph of text) begins with a number as in...
       1. Blah blah more blah.
And these are correctly stored in the table.

Does anyone have any idea as to what might be deleting the numbers?


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