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+1. I forgot this one, haven't played it in a while, and it's beautiful and challenging. So my list of total games played in my lifetime is: JQBoggle, Monument Valley, The Room. (Oh, I tried Angry Birds a few times.)

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On Dec 14, 2015, at 11:39 PM, Scott Rossi wrote:

> If you're seeking enlightenment in a game, I can't help you.  But another
> game I can recommend is The Room series by Fireproof Games.  Instead of
> architectural puzzles on a grand scale, The Room is a series of mechanical
> box/device puzzles: quasi-steampunk designed marvels with secret doors,
> panels, levers, cyphers and jaw dropping mechanical design.  The puzzles
> are more challenging than Monument Valley, and there is a vague but
> intriguing backstory that keeps you wondering throughout.
> All the Room games have been included in Apple's "best of" game lists, and
> deservedly so. With Fireproof's release of their 3rd installment The Room
> 3, the first title is now available for free:
> But definitely purchase their other titles.  Support the developers, and
> enjoy hours of award-winning challenges.
> Regards,
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>> <mini-rant>
>> LC is so far behind in this arena... At Scott's suggestion, I tried
>> the first video game I ever played in my life: Monument Valley... So
>> beautifully done, though in the end I got, as usual bored to tears and
>> had to force myself to finish level 10 just on principle and, as some
>> anti-gamers  say, despite the award-winning graphics/puzzles... "I came
>> out of the game dumber than I went in"
>> That said. These things made in Unity are awesome and the "holy grail"
>> would be able to play unity "shorts"  inside Livecode. Their WebGL
>> export (--> unity to enscriptenJS)  will not work on mobile
>> </end mini-rant>
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