Script Indenting?

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto revolution at
Tue Dec 15 02:09:55 EST 2015

At 1:29 PM +0100 12/12/2015, Lyn Teyla wrote:
>Some years back, pressing the <Tab> key to trigger indenting used to 
>affect the entire script, but then it got changed to only affect the 
>current handler for some reason.

This was changed because for very long scripts, indenting the entire 
script (instead of just one handler) could cause a considerable pause 
when indenting. (HyperCard did the whole script, but HyperCard also 
had a 32K limit on a single script.)

This was quite a while ago, and it's possible that it would not be 
much of an issue now with faster CPUs. But that's why it changed.
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