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Mon Dec 14 05:21:06 EST 2015

Hi Wilhelm,

On 13/12/2015 18:15, sanke at wrote:

> Intending to test performance developments between different LC versions
> (on the Windows partition of the Mac Mini) - like I reported them
> several times on the Livecode lists this year - I ran into a new
> problem: Versions that had been installed and working properly before
> using my new Indy license now require a re-licensing process using the
> respective neccessary password of the version I tried to open. This
> worked for LC  6.6 - as an example - because the license password
> apparently had not changed between LC 6 and 8, but I could not find an
> appropriate password for LC 4.6.1, for me by far the fastest LC version
> available when for instance testing image processing speed.

That sounds a bit odd!  Please contact the LiveCode support team at 
<support at> and I'm sure they will be able to sort it out for 

> I find this newly installed monitoring process controlling the validity
> of older, but already fully installed versions an outright unnnecessary
> nuisance. Is this part of the new licensing policies that restrict the
> use of  LC-Indy versions to the license span you have paid for? I have
> got a commercial version extending until August 2016, which - as I
> understand it - enables me to use (and produce standalones) with this
> commercial version even beyond August 2016.

I'm afraid that that's not correct -- when your current commercial 
license expires in August 2016, you will not be able to use any 
commercial version of LiveCode or use them to create standalones unless 
you renew your license.

> With the Indy version that I have bought as an extension package valid
> from August 2016 to August 2018 this has apparently changed, and - and
> this is what I consider an unnessary nuissance - is already  being
> applied to my still existing and paid-for commercial versions until
> August 2016. I would like to get a definite answer to these questions,
> and I suggest to return to the old licensing policy - granting the right
> to use and build standalones with paid-for versions forever, thereby of
> course loosing the right to get upgrades after the license span has
> expired.

At the moment there are no plans to return to a permanent license 
system.  The subscription system for Indy and Business licenses will be 
used for the foreseeable future.


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