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> I can now confirm that it installs on Win 7 --- after a very long 
> time, as you say. A fresh copy of the Indy-version needed here (3 GHz, 
> Win 7-32Bit). (Times instead of screenshots of the progress bar) 1 
> minute to start plus 5 minutes to com to a 50% progress bar plus 6 
> minutes to come to a 100% progress bar plus 1 minutes to come to the 
> "Finish" display plus 7 minutes past the "Finish" button. The 
> community-version was 5 minutes faster. Perhaps Wilhelm gave up, being 
> accustomed to have a 1-2 minutes (in sum) installer. I killed at the 
> first trial the installer after 5 minutes or so of waiting (and 
> switched the OS and machine). By the way, I like the automatic feature 
> "uninstall previous versions" (of the current one to install) of the 
> installer very much. This part of the installer worked for me always 
> without problems and very fast. Hermann
>> Wilhelm S. wrote:
>>> Livecode 8 DP 11 apparently cannot be installed on Windows 7/ 32 .
>>> I tried an installation twice, both times the installation stopped
>>> (was not completed) after clicking the "Finish"-button, even after
>>> the first installation attempt I had deleted the previous DP 11
>>> version from my machine.
>> Peter B. wrote:
>> Hi Wilhelm (and Hermann), By the way, I have now tested LiveCode
>> 8.0.0-dp-11 (both Community and Business) on my Windows 7 workstation
>> at home, and I was able to successfully install the IDE, activate it
>> and run it. I did have to wait a very long time with a full progress
>> bar before the final screen with the "Finish" button appeared. So that
>> the problems that you are encountering can be fixed, please give me some
>> more information about exactly what settings you are using to install.
>> A screenshot of the stage which is broken would be helpful to.

Thank you, Hermann and Peter, for your feedback.

Indeed I did not wait a further 7 minutes after the "Finish"-button 
appeared at the end of the installation process. There were no such 
delays when installing all the previous LC 8 versions.

I waited for "some" time with the Finish-button being shown until an 
error dialog popped up like "Livecode Installer not responding". The 
cursor kept spinning and couldn't be stopped even when using the Task 
Manager. De-installation of the Livecode file via the Windows systems 
menu also was not possible because at this point in time there was no 
LC8 DP11 file accessible by the Windows system - apparently it had not 
been properly installed until this point. I had to remove the partly 
installed Livecode 8 DP 11 files manually, downloaded the installer 
again, and tried three times anew to install LC 8 - with the same 
results as described.

I am doubtful concerning the usefulness of a screenshot. All you can see 
is the installation dialog showing the still present finish-button.

Next thing I did today was to install LC 8 DP11 on the Windows 7/64 
partition of my Mac Mini. This went without any problems.

Intending to test performance developments between different LC versions 
(on the Windows partition of the Mac Mini) - like I reported them 
several times on the Livecode lists this year - I ran into a new 
problem: Versions that had been installed and working properly before 
using my new Indy license now require a re-licensing process using the 
respective neccessary password of the version I tried to open. This 
worked for LC  6.6 - as an example - because the license password 
apparently had not changed between LC 6 and 8, but I could not find an 
appropriate password for LC 4.6.1, for me by far the fastest LC version 
available when for instance testing image processing speed.

I find this newly installed monitoring process controlling the validity 
of older, but already fully installed versions an outright unnnecessary 
nuisance. Is this part of the new licensing policies that restrict the 
use of  LC-Indy versions to the license span you have paid for? I have 
got a commercial version extending until August 2016, which - as I 
understand it - enables me to use (and produce standalones) with this 
commercial version even beyond August 2016.

With the Indy version that I have bought as an extension package valid 
from August 2016 to August 2018 this has apparently changed, and - and 
this is what I consider an unnessary nuissance - is already  being 
applied to my still existing and paid-for commercial versions until 
August 2016. I would like to get a definite answer to these questions, 
and I suggest to return to the old licensing policy - granting the right 
to use and build standalones with paid-for versions forever, thereby of 
course loosing the right to get upgrades after the license span has expired.

I think these changes to the license system will not result in 
substantial monetary profits for Livecode.-

To Peter, concerning my critique of the Livecode development 
organisation in my post of Dec 12:

> It would be a good idea for the Livecode team to really begin an
> organized development process (following established rules and
> practices of professional software development) including with proper
> testing of old and new features before releasing new versions.

You had answered:

> In the core dev team, we use our test lab to test every installer we
> release on a wide range of operating systems in various different
> configurations.

I am aware that the situation has improved and understand that you 
really test new versions before releasing them and that overall Livecode 
development is much more organized now than a couple of years ago. I 
appreciate such changes very much, having specific test stacks ready and 
using them, but of course there is the question of the structure and 
functions of these test stacks and how and at what times they are being 
applied.  Usable test stacks should be able to address foreseeable more 
complex constellations, e.g. not testing a stack with a few buttons, 
fields, images etc., but as an example with perhaps 500 buttons, 1000 
fields, 100 groups, and a lot of internal data saved in custom 
properties etc.

As an example, the severe slowdown of image processing speed from 
versions 4.6.1 though LC 8 (which I described in detail in various posts 
this year) apparently occurred totally unnoticed from the side of the 
Livecode team. So I think there is still some room and the necessity for 
improving the organisation of testing new and old features (that might 
be affected by new changes).

Kind regards,

Wilhelm Sanke

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