LC 8 DP 11

-hh hh at
Sat Dec 12 12:36:09 EST 2015


I can now confirm that it installs on Win 7 --- after a very
long time, as you say.

A fresh copy of the Indy-version needed here (3 GHz, Win 7-32Bit).

(Times instead of screenshots of the progress bar)

1 minute to start
plus 5 minutes to com to a 50% progress bar
plus 6 minutes to come to a 100% progress bar
plus 1 minutes to come to the "Finish" display
plus 7 minutes past the "Finish" button.

The community-version was 5 minutes faster.

Perhaps Wilhelm gave up, being accustomed to have a 1-2 minutes
(in sum) installer. I killed at the first trial the installer
after 5 minutes or so of waiting (and switched the OS and machine).

By the way, I like the automatic feature "uninstall previous versions"
(of the current one to install) of the installer very much. This part
of the installer worked for me always without problems and very fast.


> Wilhelm S. wrote:
>> Livecode 8 DP 11 apparently cannot be installed on Windows 7/ 32 . 
>> I tried an installation twice, both times the installation stopped 
>> (was not completed) after clicking the "Finish"-button, even after 
>> the first installation attempt I had deleted the previous DP 11
>> version from my machine.
> Peter B. wrote:  
> Hi Wilhelm (and Hermann), By the way, I have now tested LiveCode
> 8.0.0-dp-11 (both Community and Business) on my Windows 7 workstation
> at home, and I was able to successfully install the IDE, activate it
> and run it. I did have to wait a very long time with a full progress
> bar before the final screen with the "Finish" button appeared. So that
> the problems that you are encountering can be fixed, please give me some
> more information about exactly what settings you are using to install.
> A screenshot of the stage which is broken would be helpful to.

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