sorting words ?

-hh hh at
Wed Dec 9 18:36:38 EST 2015

There are delimiters that determine a class of chunks ("items" or "lines").
But there are also chunk types ("words" or "trueWords") that determine a class of delimiters.

Would be very interesting to have a new kind of sort that enables to do sort things that are not definined by a certain fixed delimiter, as follows.

sort (true)words of container ... [sortKey ... sortFunction]

that would separate words into an item-delimited list and sort the list,
that is, takes the (true)words as defined, put them into a list {word1,word2,...} and sorts that list by a sortKey that includes UnicodeText


sort {items|lines} of container using (true)words

that would sort as usual {items|lines} using the truewords of each as secondary sortkey,
that is the secondary sort is as above.

Not this easy, I wrote a feature request in the forum (and enhancement request to the QC).

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