BreakPoint problems in LC8DP10

Peter TB Brett peter.brett at
Thu Dec 3 16:37:19 EST 2015

On 2015-12-03 21:33, William Prothero wrote:
> I thought breakpoint problems were solved in DP10 and hoped to
> transfer to LC8 permanently, but there seems to still be a problem.
> I do a:
>  dispatch  “myHandlerName" to grp  “MygroupName”
> There is a breakpoint in the handler “myHandlerName”
> The handler is in the script of thegroup “myGroupName"
> I put a breakpoint at the first line in the handler. I first set it
> with the red dot method, then put “breakpoint” in the first line of
> the script. It failed to trigger a breakpoint.
> It works fine in latest version 7.
> This happen to anybody else? I’ll try to duplicate it in a test stack
> and file a bug report if nobody has seen this.

Hi William,

I think this bug report may be relevant to your interests:

The fix for it will be released in LiveCode 8.0.0-dp-11.


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