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Tue Dec 1 18:48:20 EST 2015

On 12/1/2015 4:37 PM, Geoff Canyon wrote:
> I'm not sure I understand. If you have two buttons that you want to work
> with, and the buttons are each three groups deep on separate cards in
> separate stacks, then if you were looking at button "a" and wanted to look
> at button "b" wouldn't a column view require you to:
> 1. Click on the stack containing button "b"
> 2. Click on the card in the stack containing button "b"
> 3. Click on the group on the card in the stack containing button "b"
> 4. Click on the group within that group on the card in the stack containing
> button "b"
> 5. Click on button "b" to do whatever with it.
> ...and then rinse and repeat each time you want to switch

Groups are always expanded in the AB and substacks are always in the 
stack list, so you're never more than 3 clicks away from anything. (You 
can collapse the substacks, but I don't.) That's the advantage of a 
column layout.

You're right that two Navigators would eliminate the back and forth, 
though at the expense of screen space and a lot of manual manipulation. 
Imagine 25 Navigators, and the need to manually add a new one for each 
additional stack you open (and remove the old ones you don't need any 
more.) There are hundreds of stacks in this particular system, though I 
rarely open more than a couple dozen at a time. But those swap in and 
out of memory as I open and close various parts of the collection. An 
auto-updating text list is easier to work with.

I'm guessing my needs are unique, and also that the rest of the list is 
getting tired of us by now, so I'll taper off. Unless LC eliminates the 
AB entirely I'm okay. This discussion began because I thought they had, 
and I'm glad I was wrong.

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