RELEASE: LiveCode 6.6.2-rc-6

Michael McCreary michael.mccreary at
Fri May 30 12:08:23 EDT 2014

Dear List Members.

We are pleased to announce the release of LiveCode 6.6.2 RC 6.

This release is largely the same as RC 5. We've included a fix for bug 
12563, a regression introduced in RC 5 that was causing a few issues for 

This is a maintenance release for the 6.6 series and contain 63 bug 
fixes. We are now approaching final release so please test this release 
thoroughly to ensure your projects run correctly.

*Bug Fixes*

12443 -  import snapshot crashes LiveCode
12434 -  iOS device builds rejected from app store due to XCode version 
in plist
12418 -  Mail attachment from app file fails
12414 -  Setting usePixelScaling causes infinite window reopening loop 
on Mac.
12408 -  Encryption commands do not work for iOS device builds
12382 -  Normal resizeQuality is slow
12365 -  After "putting" return into a Field, a visible residue is left 
from the cursor
12350 -  The fontStyles is incorrect on iOS
12341 -  Fix vGrid rendering for non-fixed-width table field mode.
12319 -  Drag and drop going wrong when Display switched to 150%
12294 -  Crash and flaky behavior at certain points.
12286 -  Maximizing a window where only the title-bar is on-screen 
causes a crash on Mac.
12265 -  Rounded rects are drawn incorrectly when using the image 
editing tools with a linesize 1
12241 -  Formatted width of a field should take dontwrap into account
12239 -  Magnification window shows corrupted image.
12237 -  Attempt to attach to the launching console on Windows (if any) 
in standalones.
12236 -  Dropdown menus are clipped on Windows when text scale > 100%
12235 -  Tooltips clipped on Windows when text scaling > 100%
12227 -  When Windows screen display is set to 125% popups sometimes break
12223 -  Windows backdrop doesn't cover the full desktop area when 
displayed on a high-dpi screen.
12210 -  revBrowserSnapshot not working on Windows with IE9+
12206 -  Buttons of menu type can't be inspected if first created object
12200 -  Some filesystem entries in the root of a volume on Mac report 
as files when they are really folders.
12185 -  Standalone engine crashes when -ui specified on Linux.
12183 -  Clicking in the scrollbar well doesn't work if the click is too 
12182 -  'the pageRanges' doesn't work on fields with more than 64K chars.
12175 -  Setting the usePixelScaling property doesn't update all windows 
on Mac.
12173 -  Styling does not work for certain iOS fonts
12170 -  Non-existant command line parameter variables ($<n>) behave 
strangely with split.
12146 -  setting tabstops to 2 equal numbers and then turning vGrid on 
hangs LC
12125 -  put the executionContexts crashes LiveCode server
12107 -  exit causes livecode server to crash
12105 -  Livecode server crashed if you call paramCount()
12101 -  Graphics missing from imported Hypercard stack
12099 -  On awakening Android device from sleep, part of app is blacked out
12088 -  The script editor doesn't scroll horizontally as text is entered
12058 -  The backdrop on Windows is always black
12044 -  Opaque groups do not completely draw their backgrounds when 
acceleratedRendering is enabled
12037 -  Slow-down in setting contents of fields on Windows since 6.1.3.
12027 -  On Retina Mac's scrollbars with small thumbs render smaller 
than they should.
12020 -  Caret is too thin on Retina displays.
12010 -  Windows engine hangs after multiple stack redraws.
12008 -  import screen snapshot on iOS creates image of incorrect size.
12006 -  HTTP (HTML) URLs encoded with anything other than a native 
character set are returned incorrectly
11975 -  "import snapshot from rect ..." only imports part of the screen 
on Windows
11964 -  Spacing is incorrect for Windows scaled text
11933 -  effective textColor returns empty value for styled text
11920 -  Memory leak in bitmap effects with spread of non-zero radius 
(e.g. spread 100%, radius 1; spread 50%, radius 2).
11904 -  Italic characters with underhang are clipped on Windows
11895 -  mobileComposeMail missing attachment in Android (Android Mail)
11884 -  Stoked graphics clipped when printed
11860 -  uuid and randomBytes functions don't work on iOS when 
Encryption support is not included
11748 -  Crash when putting an empty string into an XML node using 
11708 -  Anroid apps only partially drawn after rotating device during 
lock sreen
11690 -  Once large scripts start scrolling the script editor, it won't 
stop for a long time on Windows.
11689 -  ResizeControl is not sent when resizing images
11662 -  Round buttons are drawn incorrectly
11603 -  Backdrop not displayed on Linux
11370 -  Anti-aliasing inconsistent for 1 pixel lines and curves
11072 -  magnify and edit image crashes LC
8041 -  Only allow interaction with scrollbars on groups in browse mode.
6400 -  On Mac, a tab button with a single item does not draw correctly.
2627 -  The machine() function returns "unknown" under Mac OSX

*Getting this release*

To upgrade to this release please select "check for updates" from the 
help menu in LiveCode or download the installers directly at:

*Reporting Bugs*

If you encounter an issue with this release please submit a bug report 
to our quality centre:

Warm regards,

The LiveCode Team

*Michael McCreary . Runtime Revolution Ltd
LiveCode - Unleash Your Killer App*

mail : 25a Thistle Street Lane South West, Edinburgh, EH2 1EW
email : michael.mccreary at
company : +44(0) 845 219 89 23
fax : +44(0) 845 458 8487
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