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One problem with the dictionary is that, since it is apparently based on arrays and/or XML, it is not possible to search in the contents of the definitions, only in the defined terms. The majority of the complaints about not being able to find relevant entries would be obviated if searching in the text of the definitions were possible.

I know that it's considered bad practice not to separate GUI and data, but isn't this a case where the old Hypercard style of a separate card for each entry would work better? The LC "find" command is lightning fast and very versatile.

I haven't looked at the way the data is stored in the dictionary in detail, and I have never worked with XML, but I think it should be possible to script a conversion that would create a card-based dictionary.

-- Peter

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On May 29, 2014, at 5:41 PM, William Prothero wrote:

> Vaughn:
> I can understand the LC community wanting keep the community working toward a single place to go for docs and I know that this issue has been discussed pretty thoroughly on this list. I also appreciate that the changes to LC are massive and I’m so glad that I’m investing my time in a platform that is being modernized to today’s coding standards, not to mention the open source option. I really think a community dictionary effort will emerge as the platform settles into the new features.
> Richard Gaskin will most likely be leading the charge on this, I”m guessing. I really do think it’s a job for the community, at least as it develops. It is extremely difficult for the very experienced to anticipate the stupid newby questions that are going to be asked. Those of us who are educators may have a head start in this area, but every new user will have valuable insight. Although it’s probably a massive job, this list contains many of the questions that the documentation would want to address.
> Best regards,
> Bill
> On May 29, 2014, at 2:26 PM, Vaughn Clement <vclement at> wrote:
>> Hi Bill
>> I've been pushing now for a year to get the dictionary and the
>> documentation improved. The World Jam last week was one of the places I
>> mentioned it once again. I have seen small improvement in documentation due
>> to the massive changes being made to LC. I understand the changes required
>> to develop media since I go back to the days of interactive video design
>> course development.
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