RELEASE: LiveCode 6.6.2-rc-4

Michael McCreary michael.mccreary at
Thu May 29 10:13:45 EDT 2014

Dear List Members.

We are pleased to announce the release of LiveCode 6.6.2 RC5.

This is a maintenance release for the 6.6 series and contain 63 bug 
fixes, 6 of which are new for this RC4 release. We are now approaching 
final release so please test this release thoroughly to ensure your 
projects run correctly.

Bug Fixes

12443 -  import snapshot crashes LiveCode
12434 -  iOS device builds rejected from app store due to XCode version 
in plist
12418 -  Mail attachment from app file fails
12414 -  Setting usePixelScaling causes infinite window reopening loop 
on Mac.
12408 -  Encryption commands do not work for iOS device builds
12382 -  Normal resizeQuality is slow
12365 -  After "putting" return into a Field, a visible residue is left 
from the cursor
12350 -  The fontStyles is incorrect on iOS
12341 -  Fix vGrid rendering for non-fixed-width table field mode.
12319 -  Drag and drop going wrong when Display switched to 150%
12294 -  Crash and flaky behavior at certain points.
12286 -  Maximizing a window where only the title-bar is on-screen 
causes a crash on Mac.
12265 -  Rounded rects are drawn incorrectly when using the image 
editing tools with a linesize 1
12241 -  Formatted width of a field should take dontwrap into account
12239 -  Magnification window shows corrupted image.
12237 -  Attempt to attach to the launching console on Windows (if any) 
in standalones.
12236 -  Dropdown menus are clipped on Windows when text scale > 100%
12235 -  Tooltips clipped on Windows when text scaling > 100%
12227 -  When Windows screen display is set to 125% popups sometimes break
12223 -  Windows backdrop doesn't cover the full desktop area when 
displayed on a high-dpi screen.
12210 -  revBrowserSnapshot not working on Windows with IE9+
12206 -  Buttons of menu type can't be inspected if first created object
12200 -  Some filesystem entries in the root of a volume on Mac report 
as files when they are really folders.
12185 -  Standalone engine crashes when -ui specified on Linux.
12183 -  Clicking in the scrollbar well doesn't work if the click is too 
12182 -  'the pageRanges' doesn't work on fields with more than 64K chars.
12175 -  Setting the usePixelScaling property doesn't update all windows 
on Mac.
12173 -  Styling does not work for certain iOS fonts
12170 -  Non-existant command line parameter variables ($<n>) behave 
strangely with split.
12146 -  setting tabstops to 2 equal numbers and then turning vGrid on 
hangs LC
12125 -  put the executionContexts crashes LiveCode server
12107 -  exit causes livecode server to crash
12105 -  Livecode server crashed if you call paramCount()
12101 -  Graphics missing from imported Hypercard stack
12099 -  On awakening Android device from sleep, part of app is blacked out
12088 -  The script editor doesn't scroll horizontally as text is entered
12058 -  The backdrop on Windows is always black
12044 -  Opaque groups do not completely draw their backgrounds when 
acceleratedRendering is enabled
12037 -  Slow-down in setting contents of fields on Windows since 6.1.3.
12027 -  On Retina Mac's scrollbars with small thumbs render smaller 
than they should.
12020 -  Caret is too thin on Retina displays.
12010 -  Windows engine hangs after multiple stack redraws.
12008 -  import screen snapshot on iOS creates image of incorrect size.
12006 -  HTTP (HTML) URLs encoded with anything other than a native 
character set are retunred incorrectly
11975 -  "import snapshot from rect ..." only imports part of the screen 
on Windows
11964 -  Spacing is incorrect for Windows scaled text
11933 -  effective textColor returns empty value for styled text
11920 -  Memory leak in bitmap effects with spread of non-zero radius 
(e.g. spread 100%, radius 1; spread 50%, radius 2).
11904 -  Italic characters with underhang are clipped on windows
11895 -  mobileComposeMail missing attachment in Android (Android Mail)
11884 -  Stoked graphics clipped when printed
11860 -  uuid and randomBytes functions don't work on iOS when 
Encryption support is not included
11748 -  Crash when putting an empty string into an XML node using 
11708 -  Anroid apps only partially drawn after rotating device during 
lock sreen
11690 -  Once large scripts start scrolling the script editor, it won't 
stop for a long time on Windows.
11689 -  ResizeControl is not sent when resizing images
11662 -  Round buttons are drawn incorrectly
11603 -  Backdrop not displayed on Linux
11370 -  Anti-aliasing inconsistent for 1 pixel lines and curves
11072 -  magnify and edit image crashes LC
8041 -  Only allow interaction with scrollbars on groups in browse mode.
6400 -  On Mac, a tab button with a single item does not draw correctly.
2627 -  The machine() function returns "unknown" under Mac OSX

Getting this release

To upgrade to this release please select "check for updates" from the 
help menu in LiveCode or download the installers directly at:

Reporting Bugs

If you encounter an issue with this release please submit a bug report 
to our quality centre:

Warm regards,

The LiveCode Team


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