Quitting with the close box on Mac

Igor de Oliveira Couto igor at semperuna.com
Thu May 29 02:49:46 EDT 2014

On 29 May 2014, at 12:38 pm, J. Landman Gay <jacque at hyperactivesw.com> wrote:

> I find Mavericks auto-save pretty useless actually. When you go back into their time machine interface you can only see the first page of the document (and nothing at all for many types of files.) […]

If you do a “Revert to…” from a Pages document, for instance, you ARE able to scroll through every page in your document, and see the individual changes made to every page. It seems Apple has built that ability into the system for developers to take advantage of, if they want to - but it’s up to the individual developers to decide just how much/little of it they will implement in their apps. 

Now, how useful would that be if we were able to do the same from, let’s say, inside a stack window (viewing previous versions of an interface), or directly from the script editor?…

Igor Couto
Sydney, Australia

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