LiveCode 7.0.0-DP-5 Linux

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Wed May 28 17:07:37 EDT 2014

On 28/05/14 21:53, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> Fraser Gordon wrote:
> > All LiveCode does during the install is to re-launch itself using
> > gksu:
> >
> > gksu --preserve-env /path/to/installer.x86 $MAGIC_INSTALLER_OPTIONS
> >
> > The installer relies on the gksu programme to do the authentication
> > and authorisation magic; it can't really influence how it does that
> > job. Normally, gksu follows whatever rules the /etc/sudoers file
> > specifies.
> >
> > One problem is that some versions of Ubuntu and other distros no
> > longer include gksu by default. The Ubuntu recommendation (somewhat
> > strangely) is to get people to use "sudo" on the command line
> > instead; hardly the most user-friendly way to run the installer. An
> > alternative is to use pkexec, which should provide the same features
> > as gksu, but (at least last time I tried) wasn't a drop-in
> > replacement so things stopped working.
> >
> > Why does everyone make it so difficult to get admin privileges? ;)
> Given that Ubuntu (and Mint and Debian etc.) all handle .deb files 
> well, I suppose the next obvious question is:
> Can we see .deb package deployment as an optional alternative for Linux?
> If we can, you can do something very useful for RunRev:  get LiveCode 
> into the Ubuntu Software Center.
> Not to mention seamless with-the-grain installation for everyone using 
> .deb-based systems.

I'm not entirely sure what "seamless with-the-grain" means [ possibly 
because I'm quite
good and being seamy against-the-grain, LOL ].

But, just now, when I decided to install 7.0.0 dp 5, I clicked on "All 
Users", was asked
for my password, and everything installed 'seamlessly', insofar as that 
was all I has to
do and Livecode 7.0.0 dp 5 duly appeared in the standard XFCE menu under 
'Development' and
in Whisker menu in the same place.

I, honestly don't know what could be smoother than that. And, in many 
ways I feel that is a bit
better than mucking around with the terminal, Synaptic or the "Ubuntu 
Software Center" thing.

As the Livecode installers for Linux are not .deb files automagically 
downloaded and installed
they don't also start clogging up the arteries so one has to keep doing 
"sudo apt-get autoremove"
and so forth with the termilnal or mucking around with Ubuntu Tweak.

The other great thing is that all versions of Livecode are now neatly 
lined up inside a .runrev
directory inside one's Home folder so one can chuck out older ones when 
things get a bit much.


Oh, and, bye-ther-way; the newer dp 5 of Livecode 7.0.0 still says "dp 
4" in the top bar of
the "revmenuBar" stack, and the "About" gives dp 4 | build 10008.


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