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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed May 28 14:53:04 EDT 2014

Fraser Gordon wrote:
 > All LiveCode does during the install is to re-launch itself using
 > gksu:
 > gksu --preserve-env /path/to/installer.x86 $MAGIC_INSTALLER_OPTIONS
 > The installer relies on the gksu programme to do the authentication
 > and authorisation magic; it can't really influence how it does that
 > job. Normally, gksu follows whatever rules the /etc/sudoers file
 > specifies.
 > One problem is that some versions of Ubuntu and other distros no
 > longer include gksu by default. The Ubuntu recommendation (somewhat
 > strangely) is to get people to use "sudo" on the command line
 > instead; hardly the most user-friendly way to run the installer. An
 > alternative is to use pkexec, which should provide the same features
 > as gksu, but (at least last time I tried) wasn't a drop-in
 > replacement so things stopped working.
 > Why does everyone make it so difficult to get admin privileges? ;)

Given that Ubuntu (and Mint and Debian etc.) all handle .deb files well, 
I suppose the next obvious question is:

Can we see .deb package deployment as an optional alternative for Linux?

If we can, you can do something very useful for RunRev:  get LiveCode 
into the Ubuntu Software Center.

Not to mention seamless with-the-grain installation for everyone using 
.deb-based systems.

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