[ANN] DGH 2.0 is released - Open source

zryip theSlug zryip.theslug at gmail.com
Sun May 25 15:18:55 EDT 2014

Dear List Members and DGH Users,

DGH is now available under the AGPL license with an optional
commercial license available.

DGH engine improved:
- DGH is now using improved codes for building properties topics, help
topics and for generating ready to use scripts.
- The editors for managing properties topics, help topics and for
generating scripts have been removed. They were used internaly by DGH.

Script improved:
The "Select column" script has been improved. The text of the selected
column was perfectly visible in all the situations.

Bug Fixed:
Naming a column "Background" is no longer possible. A column of this
name could cause issues.

The registration system has changed in the goal to make DGH compatible
with the LiveCode Community version. Name and Key must be re-entered.

The DGH Trial version is available by following this link:

The Trial version has no updater and no way to register.

The DGH Commercial version is still available in the LiveCode store
and is now ready for the Community and Commercial LiveCode versions.

Best Regards,
Zryip TheSlug

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