7.0.0 dp 5

Warren Samples warren at warrensweb.us
Sun May 25 12:26:57 EDT 2014

On 05/25/2014 10:29 AM, Richmond wrote:
> Problems:
> 1. The menubar (Linux) states it it dp 4.
> 2. Still unable to put an insertion point into the search fields in
> the Dictionary and RevOnline.
> 3. Double-clicking on a control in the toolbar does nothing.
> 4. Unable to switch back and forth between Browse and Point except via
> the menubar.
> These problems were all there in dp 3
> Effectively unusable at the moment.
> Richmond.

It shows the same build number in the "About" screen. You have to wonder 
exactly where the mixup is.

As before, I don't find any of the problems running this in openSUSE 
that you have there. It is possible these are system isolated problems 
or perhaps distro specific. You should consider filing a bug report with 
all system specific information as you can imagine might be relevant.

To the devs -- it seems with recent changes some Linux users are having 
new issues with dependencies where they had previously been running 
LiveCode without problems. Might it be possible to provide a script 
which checks for all known requirements as well as any suggested libs 
(making sure to distinguish 32 and 64 bit versions as necessary!) and 
lists them as installed or missing, in a format a little less cryptic 
than running 'ldd'? Something like this could save a lot of head 
scratching and frustration! I don't know that the problems Richmond is 
experiencing are related to this sort of problem, but in many other 
reported instances of troubles, being able to easily and definitively 
identify missing libs would have been an enormous boon.


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