silent fail of revDataFromQuery() in standalone; works in IDE

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Sun May 25 11:38:13 EDT 2014

On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 11:25 PM, Matthias Rebbe | M-R-D <
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> what does the function revOpenDatabase return? Is that function really
> successfully executed?

Normally, on successful execution, it would return empty, and an error
message if unsuccessful.

Do you have any other handler in your script which traps the activity of
> the standalone builder and might prevent it to
> create a standalone with all needed information

No; it wasn't that.  It turned out that an array wasn't being filled in
time (but was built early in the IDE for a coherency check and to set
static values).  Because it wasn't set, opening the cache db returned an
untrapped error, and the variable holding the db number was empty.  So
empty was passed to the revDataBaseQuery() call--which triggered an error
causing no message, but the immediate silent exit of the calling handler.

Putting it into a try/catch gave me some info (not really what I needed),
but let me look and see the database number variable wasn't set.

Thanks to all.

And trap *every* database call for errors!

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