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BNig bernd.niggemann at
Sun May 25 09:44:08 EDT 2014

Hi Terence,

try this, there may be other (better) ways to do this, I do it in variations
of this code.
put this code into the card script (or wherever) resize your stack and watch
a field "fRes" you put
on the current card for testing purposes

on resizeStack
   -- do your normal resizeStack stuff here
   -- take "doAfterResize" out of the pending messages
   -- only the last "doAfterResize" message will not get cancelled
 repeat for each line aLIne in the pendingMessages
      if aLine contains "doAfterResize" then cancel item 1 of aLine
   end repeat
   send doAfterResize to me in 10 milliseconds
end resizeStack

on doAfterResize
   put "resizing done" && the milliseconds into field "fRes"
end doAfterResize

Kind regards

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